DKME Consultancy has supported a number of high profile clients, across a range of technologies and markets. These are just a few of the ways we have supported change programmes.

Contact Centre Transformation

TfL is the not only provider of transport services across Greater London but hosts a major contact centre delivering a range of services to millions of residents and visitors alike, using Oyster Card, Contactless Payment Cards and the infrastructure that keeps the capital running.

DKME has provided support to a major transformation programme in the way that services are delivered to the general public and to its internal modes.

We have provided both consultancy and management on IT solutions and transformational projects. We have delivered requirements, technical solutions, test programmes and training support for a range of new technologies. Recently we have specalised in telephony solutions, interactive voice technology and contact centre software. Working closely with TfL partners such as Eckoh, Avaya, Geomant and Cubic but also TfL’s own internal developers, we have acted on behalf of the Customer Experience stakeholders to ensure a meaningful translation of requirements into a working solution and an overall delivery from projects that supports the on-going day-to-day operations.

Digital Media 

Supporting a list of prestigious names in the digital media space, such as Apple, Garnier, CRUK, Nescafé, UNICEF, Alfa Romeo, Heat Magazine and Yell, we provided final-release quality assurance, copy proofing, DRC compliance, and multi-platform compatibility testing of global marketing campaign materials across website, mailshot and ad banner assets.

To support a fast turn-around of assets and working with freelance developers we designed RAPID; a completely new wireframe-to-asset delivery methodology cutting out many of the verbose and time-consuming steps of traditional project methodoligies whislt still maintaining a high quality end deliverable.

Retail Supply Chain

Specsavers is probably one of the most recognisable brand on the high street. Working with their Hampshire-based software development house, we took a hands-on role to design a whole-of-life test programme for a range of bespoke stock control, supply chain, diagnostic, retail and aftercare software packages. Working in a SCRUM Agile environment, we tailored the test deliverables to be lightweight, adaptable and re-usable.

We also advised on the correct and appropriate application of an SCRUM Methodology and how to manage Agile resources between project teams. Focussing on the reusability of skills we designed a ‘bench’ programme that allowed resource time to be used across projects, both reducing project flat-spots and design-to-build times.